Valeri Gergiev

Welcome word Valeri Gergiev Forum of knowledge 24-9-2020

Dear friends, my name is Valeri Gergiev, I am artistic and general director of Mariinski Opera House in St Petersburg.

Today you discuss very important matters. The nuclear weapons are dangerous. We all have responsibility in front of our children and future generations. We have to do our best to help peace and understanding between nations, between countries and, most difficult,  between politicians. I don’t believe people to people have a problem. I don’t believe Americans don’t like Russians or vice versa, or Europeans are against Russia or China and vice versa.

I think politicians have the tremendous responsibility to sort out all the differences, I repeat, in the name of future generations, our children and grandchildren. That’s why I believe the discussion  you will  start now, is of immense importance.

COVID 19 is a big unexpected challenge. Yet you decided to hold your talks and I only can wish you every success. We have to be together as one family. Of course it is sounding a little bit romantic, but we musicians believe sometimes that beautiful dreams and beautiful phrasings are still more honest and go straight to the heart, other than politically measured text. This is not our field.

All the best and all the success for your Meeting and welcome to St Petersburg.

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