Translations of the Dutch Medical Appeal for nuclear disarmament

Translations of the Dutch Medical Appeal for nuclear disarmament

Since last February you can read on the web of the British Medical Journal a blog titled “Peter Buijs and Lode Wigersma on a Dutch medical appeal for nuclear disarmament

In September 2015, on the UN International Day for Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons, a medical appeal for nuclear disarmament was presented in Amsterdam . This declaration, signed with remarkable enthusiasm by 100 leading Dutch healthcare executives, clinicians, and scientists, is meant to put the urgent need for nuclear disarmament back on the societal and political agenda—not from an ideological or political viewpoint, but from a medical humanitarian one. It is now circulating within the Dutch medical community, and will be officially presented to Parliament in the coming months.

Every IPPNW Affiliate can do it!

Given this example as well as the authority of the BMJ we should say: Let each IPPNW affiliate carefully look into its possibilities to do something like this, e.g. adapting our text to their local situation and start looking for leading medical professionals who want to sign.

We started with forming a small group of ‘heavy weight’ initiators, who asked for support in their network. Than we came back with forty, who on their turn explored their network.

This snowball method worked out quite well, and we really were surprised by the willingness and remarkable enthusiasm from Dutch health care VIPs, who mostly are reluctant to take any stand in a ‘political issue’. So we very much hope this will be the case in your country too!

We think this can be a really feasible way to implement one of IPPNW’s top priorities for this year: adding the voices of as many medical professionals and associations as possible to our own call to ban and eliminate nuclear weapons. So we really hope others will follow our example!

Several translations of the Medical Appeal

In order to give an example how your medical appeal could look like we give you some versions in several languages. Please feel free to use them!







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